And Now the Conclusion of Deadly Perspectives

And Now the Conclusion of Deadly Perspectives

It’s not over until the fat lady says so By Pierre C Arseneault “Oh, Lord I’m such a terrible person,” thought the older woman behind the cash register at Word-Nerds New and Used Bookstore. The feeling of joy and happiness was still washing over her when this thought went through her mind. “How can I […]

Deadly Perspectives... a Continuation

Deadly Perspectives… a Continuation

A Four part collaboration by Pierre C Arseneault, Sarah Butland and Angella Jacob. All rights reserved. Part 2. The Blonde and The Catcher in the Rye By Sarah Butland A man followed close behind, appearing to be focused only on the blonde in front of him. He was mumbling to himself, something about blame and […]

What the Frack Do We Tell Our Kids?

Most parents want to raise their kids as law-biding citizens, standing up for what is right without violence and respecting authority figures. We want future generations to drink clean water without fluoride or other added chemicals that are much worse. The police in this despicable video I’m sure have kids who drink water, swim, have […]

Change - The Good, Bad and the Necessary

Change – The Good, Bad and the Necessary

Change is inevitable and often, maybe too often, fought against but more often change is what is necessary to advance. People both satisfied and unsatisfied with where they are can recognize when their life needs to be changed but one thing is for certain – the change is up to each of us. Many popular […]