Apr 112014

Everyone has lived a different life and, as obvious as that seems, some tend not to attempt to relate with the history or the experiences an acquaintance has been through.

My past has taught me to keep an open but guarded mind, to embrace and celebrate every opportunity there is to be educated and to share. Social media has since made it super easy to share and connect with people and with each connection I learn.

An opinion is meant to develop, not necessarily harm.

I’ve been sharing my thoughts lately and have been scorned and rejected as a result. I’ve since learned this is happening with everyone who are open and honest and most help me grow.

There are many opinions I tend to disagree with and share my thoughts not to see if I can change them but to understand where they are coming from and see if mine will adapt accordingly.

Not everything will change.

Sharing these opinions change lots of things, including me but also the people surrounding me. Maybe I come off as harsh or stubborn and I apologize for that but my one opinion I share is not all that I am and it is subject to change.

Share your opinion and your reason for it and maybe I’ll change to be more like you. Diversity is important, not just when it comes to the big issues, but even small ones too and I look forward to getting to know the stories of as many people as I can handle.

Thanks for reading and understanding,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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