Apr 122017

Following your dream and living through passion starts with Baby Steps, as I previously discussed but these steps can so easily start with just 15 minute increments.

Most people take longer than that to get to work, wait for a doctor, or their coffee to be ready (total combined through the day) but this small portion of time every day can do so much.

Take Just 15 Minutes For You

Whenever I mention this idea to others- be it writers, cartoonist, musicians, etc – they seemed surprised at first. Then there’s hesitation and the usual – but I’m too tired, too busy, I have other priorities and don’t we all! It takes just a moment of listening, nodding and agreeing to all of this before they realize it’s not even a half an hour that’s been suggested.

It can be easily done by getting up a bit earlier or going to bed a bit later, maybe even just being a bit more organized with your day to allow a time saver.

It’s worth it, you’ll see, as new opportunities will start appearing, you’ll feel better and have something to show for it.

From personal experience I know if I buckle down and start writing that nagging story idea I’m filled with new ideas, new paths are created and I feel so relieved and hopeful.

So try it today – go now and take 15 minutes and stop when that time is up. Don’t make yourself feel guilty that you’re not cleaning, reading or playing with your kid by going over that time. Enjoy it and pretty soon your entire world will change to allow you even more time to be you!

Thanks for trying and reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. I completely agree! Love what you wrote here. 🙂 If you can start with 15 the options from there can expand!

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