Books By Sarah Butland


In Print                                                                                          Ebook

Sending You Sammy                                                           Sending You Sammy

Brain Tales Volume One                                                   Brain Tales Volume One

Arm Farm                                                                                Arm Farm

Being Grateful, Being Thankful                                     Being Grateful, Being Thankful

 Where Pines and Maples Grow                                       Through the Eyes of a Teenager

                                                                                                     Blood Day the Novella

                                                                                                        Cherish Your Treasures

                                                                                                Life Imitated

  5 Responses to “Books By Sarah Butland”

  1. SARAH! Thank you ! Spunky monkey on! Fantastic!

  2. I like your blog post an interesting idea about the content. Thank you for posting these. God Bless:)

  3. Dear Sarah; I just visited you and I love your blog. Thank you for reading my interview and your so important thoughts. I sent a note to you on LinkedIn also. Right now it seems that I’m just fumbling trying to network but I would love if you have some time, and would read one of my e-books and give me a quick review?
    Thank you Sarah

    • Sounds great, Lyn. Which would be best for me to review? Would you like to set up an interview as well?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this interview, Sarah!

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