May 092014

My son recently asked my husband and I to play a game of Monopoly. Not a strange request and yet such obvious proof of the law of attraction at work.

I embraced the opportunity to bond with and teach my 4 year old and play a game with my husband. My husband, on the other hand, cringed and delayed playing the game already thinking he hated Monopoly. I could tell these were his thoughts based on his blase way of setting things up.

Game On

We played, and played, and played – as Monopoly goes it was actually a quick game. My son was doing pretty well but him and my husband kept ending up in jail while I went around the board with ease, buying up properties as quickly as I could.

With every Chance or Community Chest card I retrieved I was grateful and planned for a promising card, receiving millions for sales of maple syrup (it’s the Canadian version) and get out of jail free cards. My husband, onĀ  the other hand, picked each one up wondering aloud what he’d be jinxed with next. He, in turn, would need to pay fines and for maintenance to his properties but was happier because he bought the two most expensive properties – only we never seemed to land on them.

In the End

I always tell my son that every player wins because we got to play together and truly believe this. This game was no different but also greatly proved that perception and positive thinking paved the way for good things.

At the end, my son was out first and joined my team and as I continued loving the process my husband continued to think of it negatively. The final results were that even when I made him an unrealistic deal (buying a property for $10 Million) I came back to conquer and was declared the winner. He, making excuses saying that it was luck of the draw I got what I did in the Chance and Community Chest cards and I declaring it was all in my thinking.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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