I am a firm believer that everyone has something that comes naturally to them and writing is something I’ve always known was my forte. Having always known it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to live with but then I wonder what a life would be like without knowing your own passion. In this A to […]


When you’re in any creative business doing what you love and are passionate about the obstacles are endless and it can be tough to persist. In this A to Z Challenge post on the letter K I want to talk with you about knowledge. Knowing who you are and what you want to do is […]

Fear of Failure

Today, of course, is brought to you by the letter F in the A to Z Challenge and I wondered if Facebook should be the topic but my fear of failure won out because, unlike Facebook, it’s always been a constant and is for a lot of authors/ writers. And it’s Friday!! So that’s a […]

Life Involves Risk

Planes crash and yet we continue to purchase tickets to fly on them. Cars collide but we ride the roads daily. We stub our after getting out of bed yet we keep walking. If we said no to every possible risk we wouldn’t progress and instead would lay in bed wondering about all the possibilities. […]

Without a Plan B

Without a Plan B

Many people go through life doubting their dreams will ever come to fruition as they haven’t yet so they modify their dream. Having a plan b, c, and d as back up so they can settle for what they feel they can achieve or deserve. And then there are people like me. Those who have […]