Finding Your Perfect Path With Coach Sarah

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You have been training for greatness all of your life. Finding the right words, playing with sounds, honing your craft and now feel stuck. If you’re feeling like a fraud, I am here to be your cheerleader and show you that you are the expert the world is waiting to hear from.

With services including editing, guidance, cheerleading, though I promise not to wear the outfits, pompom’s not guaranteed, I do promise to help you realize your dream of becoming a published author, no matter the path you choose.

At five years of age I declared my future of being a writer, determined to make my living as an author despite all the doubts and naysayers along the way. Now that I am, I want you to realize you can do the same. Along the way, I became a freelance writer for magazines, a journalist, book reviewer, writing coach and, yes, author. Now with seventeen books available for strangers to read, over 50000 words contributed to me in magazines like Maritime [EDIT], Atlantic Books Today, Pictou Advocate and more, I am ready to help you find your path, too.

My latest book, Write Your Way: A Handbook for Indie Publishing is only a small portion of what I can do for you.

Let me work for you today and show you how much of a difference hiring help can make!

Let’s chat and have me help shine your light towards your future ahead. Your future is waiting.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland
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