Apr 252014

You Can Give, Too

Ellen has  12 days of  spectacular giveaways, Oprah gives her audience amazing things with her giveaways, and I’m sure many more television personalities give so much to their fans. Most of us even give extra around Christmas time, donating money to Salvation Army or a church, giving a turkey or clothes to those in need.

Yet the rest of the year it seems most of us are just a little bit more selfish. Focusing on pinching pennies and getting from one pay day to the next, and worrying about not being able to afford going out or to another birthday party based on the cost of giving.

But Giving Doesn’t Have to Be Costly

There’s so much we can all give for free and make the world a much happier and better place. A smile is a gift even McDonald’s gives without hurting their bottom line. Imagine if we all gave at least one person a smile every day, it’s contagious and would just keep giving and not cost a cent.

When you visit a friend, take something. A hug, a bookmark, a recommendation or tip and you don’t even need to get out your debit or credit card.

Imagine Being Able to Give Something to Everyone You Know

You can do it and do this well. Social media helps you virtually give something to someone every day in a big way. Invite your friends to a growing page, share a blog post or like one, comment on their blog or retweet with the click of your mouse and you’re giving someone the support they love to receive and you just feel better for it.

The aspect of this giving is limitless and should be practiced daily. Focus on the great feeling of giving, not on what you may receive in return based on karma, but the enjoyment of showing someone a little bit extra support in that moment and the pay it forward phenomenon prosper.

So this year I am focusing, starting today, on ensure I give something to at least one person everyday. It can be as awesome for me as a free ebook download of a new author or awesome for you in that you may be able to win a gift card or brand new book! And if you want to be gifted, be a bit selfish and let me know how I can pay it forward to you!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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