Mar 252024

There are times I read a book that I wish I could have read when I was younger. Books that stand out and stand up for their readers by creating characters that are so real and relevant it’s important for their story to be told. When that happens, I am elated that it’s available now for all the kids like me need to understand they are not alone.

Nimbus Publishing and Vagrant Press teamed up with Canadian author Melanie Mosher to publish one such story titled Bertie Stewart Is Perfectly Imperfect. Reading this story gave me relief, a better understanding of how many feel similar, especially when braving the public speaking assignment in front of classmates and strangers, and how good friendships take work and trust. The story sucked me in completely, made me feel like I was back in sixth grade navigating tough school assignments, thinking about the future, and better understanding that everyone is going through something they bury within.

It brought me to the brook I grew up beside, with a neighbour much like Grammy Stewart, who opened her home and taught me games, who saw me when I felt invisible. Each character was going through their own drama and dealing with it in their individual way. It was human, real, and raw while wrapped in a hug of hope, faith and promise. It was my first book of Melanie Mosher’s but I’m looking forward to reading all of her books now, more than ever.

Thank you for seeing those who default to hiding, Melanie, and giving her the chance to help those need to find themselves in the pages.

Sarah Butland

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