Jan 262024

As an introvert, being at home reading and writing is my habit, so being invited to present and speak about my writing is equally thrilling and nerve-wracking. Until I take the stage.

Once I get in front of the crowd and start, it seems like another side of me takes precedence and shines!
It has been such a long time since I was invited into a school to talk and I spent weeks stressing about it. What if the kids were quiet? What if they didn’t answer any questions? Or what if they asked me to read a different book instead (it happened once – I was asked to read Caillou)?

So I planned, changed my mind, had back up plans, and other plans and drove snow covered roads only to arrive and change everything. I relaxed into it, adapted to the very excited and interactive kids, had them jump, smile and dance their wiggles out and smiled about it all the entire way home (on bare roads). Seeing people, children especially sometimes, excited about reading or being read to fires me up and brings out my extroverted side, which really isn’t a side, but a tiny bit.

This to say, if you have the option of inviting an author to your child’s school or local library, please think of me!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

Writers Federation of Nova Scotia Member

Writers in the School eager participant!

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