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I am completely open to answering any questions media, fellow bloggers, writers and readers have for me.

Here’s a recent one Times and Transcript of Moncton, New Brunswick reported about Arm Farm:

Sending You Sammy has been a popular book for presentations of all sorts. The one most kids love if they haven’t read the book yet, is an interactive presentation I have prepared which has them predicting the upcoming events. This ensures they are listening, encourages them to participate and promotes the fun of reading. If they have read the book it leaves more time for questions and discussion.

For the younger kids I have designed a rhyming game along the same healthy eating theme and for older students have held writing workshops asking them to write the next installment of the series. They have fun creating their own healthy eating superhero and are challenged trying to create a character needing help.

I have also worked with Writers in the Schools for New Brunswick with Brain Tales – Volume One and junior high students. These stories are simple, every day experiences and offer something for boys and girls. I have also incorporated this into a writing workshop for those interested in writing and had the students excited about rewriting!

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Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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