Jun 062014

Life is such a precious thing that can be taken from us at any moment. Something most of us take for granted as we go to work, come home, kiss our loved ones goodnight and maybe watch a little tv to wind down after a “hard” day.

Our own safety should be our main priority but living in a bubble just isn’t feasible, we need to get out and live our dream. Not our jobs, not to pay bills but to enjoy the blessing of life and live.

Our Hard Day is Nothing

Recently it became very apparent how valuable having the RCMP or any law enforcement there is in your community. Their bad days pale drastically in comparison to a nasty paper cut or an unexpected expense.

In Moncton, New Brunswick recently, a seemingly otherwise nice day ended in a young dad being taken away from his growing family. Father’s Day will have an sad meaning every year for this family but it shouldn’t be entirely sad. His actions helped capture someone who needed to be pulled out of the community, who needed a rescuing of sorts, and to put the communities mind at ease.

One sick man’s actions made all of us come together and thank an officer.  To put our own issues aside and hug someone a lot tighter, and put our own lives into perspective.

Freedom Is Desired

Being able to get out of our house, to go to a park with the kids and feel like we will return to our house is something we almost all expect to happen in Canada or in our community. June 4th put a microscope on our daily lives and I trust will teach us more about ourselves then we ever realized before.

It was a terrible situation, everyone knows that, but our of everything comes light. This ordeal should also put a microscope on what is your light so you can reflect your positivity through others and create a tidal effect of goodness and an overwhelming respect for our freedom and ability to go to a park and come home.

Make a shift in your own priorities today

Take a deeper breath, hug a lot tighter and more often and appreciate the constant energy of your little ones. Get your head away from the bills, your income and what you don’t have and always, every day, appreciate life’s circumstances and what you have to offer.

And Live!

Thanks for reading and being a part of a community you help make safe,

Sarah Butland

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