Rooted In The Brook

Memories bubbling like a rolling river, babbling along its way. Changing course, moving stones, its power has its sway. There stands a tree with strength and height casting shadows changing lives and providing hope. The tree is home amongst the water, grounded within its grasp. With roots deep down, forced through rocky ground its branches […]


Have you ever smelled the sun? Truly breathed in its essence and basked in its wonder? A moment, a memory an illusion of splendor in on brief moment – with one deep whiff. Have you ever tasted rain? Stuck your tongue out in a haste felt the raindrop, had a taste? Let it linger just […]

The World is Ours

Always searching, never finding. I have just what I need. Sometimes that works, it’s all enough and other times more is desired though it doesn’t fill a hole, and just creates more clutter. Always looking, never seeing my eyes are open wide. My heart is clear while my brain is foggy where has this world […]

Robotic Break

Some people say losing yourself is the easiest way while I fight for my right to be heard. I’m not making excuses, refuse to be blinded by the insanity of following suit. I hold money dear yet hold people dearer though they tire of my stand. But ever more dear do I hold myself tall […]