2024 Is My Year of Writing...

2024 Is My Year of Writing…

And I’m not the only one who knows that. We all understand by now that overnight success really isn’t a thing. Before a name is known and fame is found, there are many battles, challenges, doubts and attempts building up to that moment. Many have said to be patient, that success will come when I […]

Do you ever feel imperfect?

Do you ever feel imperfect?

There are times I read a book that I wish I could have read when I was younger. Books that stand out and stand up for their readers by creating characters that are so real and relevant it’s important for their story to be told. When that happens, I am elated that it’s available now […]

Dough and Breadcrumbs

Graduate high school, go onto higher learning, get a job, fall in love, bring home the dough, raise a family, work hard until you can retire and collect pension and then enjoy your freedom from a schedule. Or, if you’re an athlete, change that up and make millions to play a game hen retire at a young age and wonder what else life has to offer.

The system is messed up.

A Christmas/ Holiday Giveaway

A Christmas/ Holiday Giveaway

Oftentimes, my son makes me super proud and, with his idea to celebrate 12 days of Christmas with a Canadian book giveaway is one of those very moments. As a YouTuber, reviewing books primarily by Canadian authors, he has gone above and beyond by aligning with Digitally Lit to offer a holiday giveaway of books […]

I Won At NaNoWriMo .... Sort Of

I Won At NaNoWriMo …. Sort Of

I admit it, in full transparency I did not get the daily word count and did not technically write 50000 words on a new project in 13 days. I’m still calling this a win. Last year my local writing group, or a small portion of such, motivated me to try NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, […]

Letting Go of Rejection

Emails confirming your story (or other medium of presenting your heart to be judged by strangers) has been rejected hurts. It hurts like hell, to be honest. My first instinct is always to understand it as a rejection of me, of my heart, of my story and I do default to taking it personally. After […]

How Does One Become a Professional Writer?

How Does One Become a Professional Writer?

Looking now beyond the measure of success that seems we all struggle with, the concept of giving ourselves a title of writer or author, and the hurdles we work to overcome to define who we are, there are more questions. Many more. With sixteen “books” (some are short stories, ebooks and some would argue not […]