Letting Go of Rejection

Emails confirming your story (or other medium of presenting your heart to be judged by strangers) has been rejected hurts. It hurts like hell, to be honest. My first instinct is always to understand it as a rejection of me, of my heart, of my story and I do default to taking it personally. After […]

How Does One Become a Professional Writer?

How Does One Become a Professional Writer?

Looking now beyond the measure of success that seems we all struggle with, the concept of giving ourselves a title of writer or author, and the hurdles we work to overcome to define who we are, there are more questions. Many more. With sixteen “books” (some are short stories, ebooks and some would argue not […]

What I'm Learning From TP Wood

What I’m Learning From TP Wood

TP Wood is a new author and longtime reader and writer. He is someone I knew was special the first time I met him, I just didn’t quite absorb the importance, I still haven’t. TP Wood is a friend and fellow writer who is teaching me a lot of things about the confidence of being […]

A Business Plan for Writer’s

Someone I adore asked me the other day about my business plan as a writer/creative. My reaction was to laugh. I heard of it, I know what it is, I understand it’s intention and how valuable it can be and yet, time is my excuse. With my limited time spent doing unto others, my actual […]

If You're Reading This... You Are Lucky

If You’re Reading This… You Are Lucky

It’s 2023 and we’ve made it. Not all of us have been so lucky and not many of us feel the luck, having lost loved ones and experienced changes that weren’t so flattering to our objectives. But we are here and that is fortunate. For me, 2022 was a lot of lessons to be patient, […]

My Love Letter to At Home/ My Love and Hate Relationship with Movies

My Love Letter to At Home/ My Love and Hate Relationship with Movies

After watching a few movies that featured a struggling writer trying to find her place among competitors, be it as an author, freelancer, journalist, etc I knew what I wanted to blog about. Then things changed. You see, in a way I was living in a movie with my writing career. In the last five […]

Let Me Count Your Sneezes

Let Me Count Your Sneezes

Admittedly, I’m weird. Delightfully, while I’m always weird, I can delight people with strange observations at the sneakiest of times. Take the market for example. Selling books at a Farmer’s Market, Christmas Market, Jamieson’s General Store’s first Saturday market makes sense, especially this time around. It makes more sense when you fill the table with […]

Life Lesson's Through Detours

Life Lesson’s Through Detours

Choosing being social over writing. Choosing errands over word count.Choosing life over imagination.Choosing to be authentically you even though it hurts like hell. We are all making choices. So many decisions, big and small daily, that can effect our future even more than our present. Deciding which action to prioritize, which friend to put first […]