Y is for Yesterday

I was going to write Y  is for You as without you, while I would still write, life wouldn’t be the same. You, dear reader, keep me on track, motivated and aiming to please with my writing. You are the reason I publish and not just write, you are the reason I hire cover artists […]

X is for... Xenophilia

X is for… Xenophilia

I thought it was impossible to find a relevant word for today’s A to Z Challenge but I found it and it’s a great one, once you know what it means, just don’t ask me how to pronounce it. 🙂 Xenophilia means an affection for unknown/foreign objects or people. People have always fascinated me and […]

W is for Willpower

W is for Willpower

Having willpower is vital in the long term writing game. I used to check my sales daily, being discouraged when the graph showed absolutely no movement – even when I offered a book for free. In this A to Z Challenge post I’m covering this very important topic with respect to dreaming big! While deciding […]

U is for the Ups and Downs of Working for Yourself

U is for the Ups and Downs of Working for Yourself

Deciding to work for yourself takes a lot of guts and requires one to just take the leap or, responsibly, weigh the ups and downs of taking the plunge. In this A to Z Challenge I’ll go through some of the ups and downs I’ve personally considered during my life. A definite up would be […]

T is for... Tenacity

T is for… Tenacity

Writing is a long term goal, one that takes a lot of focus and tenacity to see through. Rewards are not fast or abundant and are often masked in more work but they should all be celebrated. I took on the word “Tenacity” for this A to Z Challenge post. Lately I’ve been getting a […]

R is for Rejections

Being rejected is something we all feel at some point in our lives but it’s how we rebound that’s important. Whether it’s for something we say or something we like or don’t like, not everyone we meet is going to love and admire us – there will be critics, too, and harsh ones. In honour […]


One thing I know for certain is that nothing is ever perfect yet, in the same sense, everything is perfect. One of those oxymoron’s we can all appreciate, depending on our mood. Because a glass is half full, half empty and both all at once. In this A to Z Challenge post I thought about […]