Peace By Chocolate, My Review and More

Peace by Chocolate: The Hadhad Family’s Remarkable Journey from Syria to Canada by Canadian author Jon Tattrie is a wealth of information, emotion and motivation. This book is more than the story of Tareq, the first of his family to escape Syria and arrive in Canada. It’s much more than the tale and woes of […]

Reality and The Positive Power of Perspective by Aaron Bethune

When I first learned about the Bethune family through an article printed in Ah! At Home on the North Shore I knew I needed to reach out. Life, especially over the past almost two years, hasn’t been easy for many of us, so being introduced to a lovely family through Calligraphy was welcome. The article […]

By the Light of the Crescent Moon by Ailsa Keppie

To tell you I have read a lot of books seems redundant. To admit that a lot have been forgotten, while few have lived with me through the ages shouldn’t be surprising. This book, Ailsa’s story, aptly names By the Light of the Crescent Moon, is one that will circulate through my every morsel for […]

Work and More Work by Linda Little

Work and More Work is the first book review that went live on The Pictou Advocates page and I’m so happy I can share it with all of you. Since reading the book and writing the review I was fortunate enough to be taught by Linda and have a deep admiration for her devotion to […]

Touch of Gold

Everyone needs to start over at some point in their life, some do so unwillingly and others with commitment. Jamie, the main human character in Touch of Gold, balanced both as she moved to a new community in Nova Scotia when her parents divorced. As a shy girl, Jamie struggled to find new friends at […]

Heart of Shell by Zara Steen

This novel is a great example of foreshadowing and mastering the art of keeping the reader wanting more. An unusual story, taking on the world of mermaids in a fresh and unique way, Steen weaved a tale of romance, coming of age and self-discovery. Anya, the main character, doesn’t seem to fit into any cookie […]

Fleur Lives – In Everyone Who Has Met Her

Fleur Lives – In Everyone Who Has Met Her

Already when you search for Fleur Mainville on Google the top links show she died and this frustrates me to no end. If anyone lived at all it was Fleur and so I want to remember her life. Her ability to light up a room (cliché but true), to sparkle when talking about her husband, […]

Blog Hopping

Blog Hopping

I was recently invited by Nova Scotian author, Jennifer Hatt, to participate in a blog hop. I normally don’t participate but this one seemed a great one to start with. Jennifer Hatt is a Nova Scotia writer and publisher and creator of the Finding Maria series, a Nova Scotia love story based on true events. […]

Meet A. F. Stewart, Author of Fantasy

Meet A. F. Stewart, Author of Fantasy

A.F. Stewart is an author from Nova Scotia, Canada (my home province) who has a history of writing poetry and fantasy stories. She has been writing for several years but like many of us writers her life often interrupts her fantasies. You can find her on Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, Facebook. Like many […]