Reality and The Positive Power of Perspective by Aaron Bethune

When I first learned about the Bethune family through an article printed in Ah! At Home on the North Shore I knew I needed to reach out. Life, especially over the past almost two years, hasn’t been easy for many of us, so being introduced to a lovely family through Calligraphy was welcome. The article […]

By the Light of the Crescent Moon by Ailsa Keppie

To tell you I have read a lot of books seems redundant. To admit that a lot have been forgotten, while few have lived with me through the ages shouldn’t be surprising. This book, Ailsa’s story, aptly names By the Light of the Crescent Moon, is one that will circulate through my every morsel for […]

Throw Down Your Shadows by Deborah Hemming

I blindly picked up this book, with no pretense or idea what it was about or who it was targeted towards. I admit this because I hesitated reading in but am so very glad I did! Sometimes new books and new authors can surprise you and Deborah Hemming did just that with Throw Down Your […]

The Missing Dog is Spotted by Jessica Scott Kerrin

The Missing Dog is Spotted by Jessica Scott Kerrin

A stellar tail… er… tale of forgiveness and acceptance wrapped in a mystery and the love of dogs. Let me ask you… Have you ever felt insecure growing up? Avoiding potentially great friendships because of how it might look to others? Then learn how foolish all the worry and avoidance really is? A Herd of […]

When It Comes to Authors, I'm Still Shocked

When It Comes to Authors, I’m Still Shocked

Sheree Fitch is a well known author, at least I thought.  She is hilarious, has some best selling books, is local to Nova Scotia and  this weekend neighbours were still asking – who is Sheree Fitch? There is Hope While attending a book signing of hers last year through the Writer in Residence Program of […]

Meet A. F. Stewart, Author of Fantasy

Meet A. F. Stewart, Author of Fantasy

A.F. Stewart is an author from Nova Scotia, Canada (my home province) who has a history of writing poetry and fantasy stories. She has been writing for several years but like many of us writers her life often interrupts her fantasies. You can find her on Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, Facebook. Like many […]