Mar 222023

Such an adorable book with magnificent artwork. The book itself is a well packaged, the story delightful and the artwork so true to life it brings you right to Pictou, Nova Scotia.

A collection of historical buildings displayed in a colourful story / poem for young readers, the value goes beyond a love letter to an old town. The packaging is priceless, the message is timeless and the supporters are endless.

Published by Pictou Bee Press, established in 2022, John Blackwell discovered a gem of a tale, celebrating a historical town in Nova Scotia. Wrapped up with an afterword by Laurie Stanley-Blackwell, Pictou Town history is very well detailed for those who have dreamed of visiting and need a reason.

Reading this book was like walking through the town, including a lot of – aha!, I know that building’s! And, I feel, if you’ve never been and only heard of the community, this book is your invitation to visit and bring your whole family along.

The book is a piece of art with a fine story to keep you turning the page or street corner.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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