Gigantic Mistake

Start at part one Lucas was trying to be brave but quickly discovered he was just plain stupid like his sister often said. He trusted Cole, even if Cole wouldn’t admit to seeing him following, and he was now inside the abandoned house, his families voices getting further away. “Cole, where are you going?” Lucas […]

Facing Fears

Missed Saturdays “E” post? Visit it today or start at the beginning. Helen’s parents, Judy and Max, heard Helen enter the house and leave. They both got dressed in silence, dreading the conversation that would need to be had well before they were ready. Judy thought their kids would hate that they were working on […]

Damage Done (Part 4)

Damage Done (Part 4)

If you want to start at the beginning of  this challenge/ serial story please visit Abandoned! Damage Done Helen wasn’t sure what to do. Walking home without her brother seemed the worst of her options but going back to the crowd was intimidating and seemed useless without a picture of the boy she’d be looking […]