May 152018

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Helen was dumbfounded at seeing the empty room knowing they couldn’t have walked past her. Searching for another way out was useless too, the only other exit was up and there was no way they could do that.

Wandering around as she waited for Cole to return, Helen tried to make sense of the night and simply couldn’t.

Meanwhile her parents were bickering over which way to go and if they should stay together or go their separate ways -while searching for their kids and beyond that.

Charlie was staying outside, arguing that someone should remain on the steps for when the emergency team arrived or if anyone came back out. She was most frightened for Cole who really had no reason to be in there but knew his guilt was what drove him. It seemed so strange to Charlie that anyone would leave a young boy in an abandoned house.

The crowd was thinning, with no one knowing the disaster unfolding before them most were just talking about how weird it was so many got so close to the house and were just standing there. Most agreed to meet again 10 years later if the house was still standing.

Lucas, inside and getting cold now, wasn’t sure if he should scream or continue to sleep. Sleep won over.

Helen still wandered and soon wondered what was keeping Cole and where her parents ended up.

Too many people were missing again it was hard to know who was looking for who.

Stay tuned for Night Has Fallen

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