International Women’s Day

There are a lot of reasons I am writing this post today – women are awesome (though men are, too), I have a few very influential women in my life, women have a voice beyond the victimized version we hear of most, and I, as a woman, have the freedom to share and be a […]

Are You Busy?

Often times people complain they are busy – I admit to saying it way too often myself – because really we all have 24 hours in a day and some people truly make the most of it. Being busy is simply a matter of perspective and priorities and people prove it all the time. Yes, […]

When It Comes to Authors, I'm Still Shocked

When It Comes to Authors, I’m Still Shocked

Sheree Fitch is a well known author, at least I thought.  She is hilarious, has some best selling books, is local to Nova Scotia and  this weekend neighbours were still asking – who is Sheree Fitch? There is Hope While attending a book signing of hers last year through the Writer in Residence Program of […]