Oct 202021

When I first learned about the Bethune family through an article printed in Ah! At Home on the North Shore I knew I needed to reach out. Life, especially over the past almost two years, hasn’t been easy for many of us, so being introduced to a lovely family through Calligraphy was welcome.

The article focused on Laura Lavender, Bethune’s wife, who practices beautiful calligraphy and has worked on illustrating the delightful complimentary images in this book but it was Bethune who stood out for me. The title of his book, especially as Reality and The Positive Power of Perspective is something we can all and should all be working on daily.

Bethune, a musician at the core, embodies passion for the arts and anyone who does deserves to be celebrated. When I reached out and asked how to get a copy of his book to be reviewed honestly and everywhere possible, he didn’t hesitate to invite me to his beautiful new home to pass along a copy. I was immediately struck by its compact, colour and boldness and knew immediately I would love it.

But I had deadlines and, chores to get done so while it laid on my bedside table tempting me I had to put it off, until I didn’t. And then when I started, reading the pages instead of my initial glance through, I was definitely hooked and read it within two days. While taking my time reading it to let the moments and points of view sink to my core, I realized this is one of the rare books I would add to my special shelf and return to again and again.

Reality and The Positive Power of Perspective packs an easy to read but interesting to digest package of action steps, insights and is one of those books that grabs hold and keeps its grasp long after the last word is savoured. This book is therapy on paper that has moments and phrases that seeped into my soul and, while they may get buried with time, will be dusted off often enough with the reading of the passages that they will shine and be brilliantly lit permanently with practice, patience and like-minded friends.

Much appreciation goes out to Aaron Bethune, the author who now lives in Nova Scotia, for writing this book and sharing it with the world.

Thank you for reading my review now, please, do go get it yourself and let me know what you think.

Canada: https://amzn.to/2ZhctIa
USA: https://amzn.to/3pheteh
*These are Amazon affiliate links so I do make a percentage of the sales purchased through these links.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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