May 152024

And I’m not the only one who knows that.

We all understand by now that overnight success really isn’t a thing. Before a name is known and fame is found, there are many battles, challenges, doubts and attempts building up to that moment. Many have said to be patient, that success will come when I least expect it along with – writer’s don’t make money, and throughout it all I believed every bit of it. Even while I was impatient, not expecting big changes and was, in fact, making money with writing.

We deserve to find and celebrate our passion. To have that cheerleader constantly whispering for you to keep going, to ignore the naysayers and find the right path for you. For every supporter I’ve encountered at least five doubters. Five people who I realize are struggling with their own journey and find it easier to take it out on me. These people, their doubts and fear pop my balloon, and I’m the loudest voice of all sometimes. Then I hear a whisper and that’s all it takes to refill my cup, my soul and my determination. My drive to not necessarily silence the naysayers but to show them their dreams, too are possible, if they listen to the quiet voices.

All this to say, since January 2024 I have been getting messages, opportunities, making connections and standing in the spot light to know, really know, my career in writing is happening. It’s definitely not looking like I ever thought it would, and that makes it even better. Like the pantser that I am, not knowing the end or the why is not the concern. I know the how – I am staying true to myself, saying no when I need to and staying away from the people who are laying the road blocks. I am building doors and windows while so many are erecting walls.

Rejections, conflicts in schedules and days without book sales are all a part of the journey for a writer, and is similar for any creative. It’s what we do with those days, those hurdles and naysayers that matters.

Keep on going, smiling and learning from the stumbles. Remain hopeful knowing that something magical is waiting for you to see it.

Thank you for the ride!

Sarah Butland

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