Persistence and Priorities

As a writer I love to write, it’s just that simple and yet it’s so very complicated. Knowing what I love to do and finding the time and energy at the end of the day to do it is a whole different story. One, if I had the focus, I could write a book about. […]


Having a positive outlook on life is something I have always struggled with yet can often be perceived as being positive. I can see the silver lining in a lot of situations for others and don’t hesitate in mentioning to help others progress so why do I struggle with optimism in my own life? Today, […]


I am a firm believer that everyone has something that comes naturally to them and writing is something I’ve always known was my forte. Having always known it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to live with but then I wonder what a life would be like without knowing your own passion. In this A to […]


My motivation comes and goes but thankfully there are challenges like the A to Z Challenge I’m participating in to keep me going. With many mundane aspects of life demanding our attention it can be overwhelming to fit another thing into the schedule, even if it’s something we love to do. I’ve been doing so […]


When you’re in any creative business doing what you love and are passionate about the obstacles are endless and it can be tough to persist. In this A to Z Challenge post on the letter K I want to talk with you about knowledge. Knowing who you are and what you want to do is […]

Journey – That’s What It’s All About?

Today is brought to you by the letter J in the A to Z Challenge and the word had to be “Journey”. No, not the band though they are amazing, too – Journey is defined as “an act of traveling from one place to another” but it’s more than that. A lifelong journey consists of […]

Imagination Captured

In this post of the A to Z Challenge I pondered using many great words that start with the letter i as there are many of them – inspired, incredible, independence, interruptions and the list goes on but I thought Imagination Captured is perfect. The name/ theme of my blog, Imagination Captured is my tag […]

Happily Hypnotizing

Writing for me is simply hypnotizing. The whole world can be spinning, melting or in chaos and I would be happily spinning a tale of wonder, oblivious to it all. With the A to Z Challenge happening amidst many other projects, H had to be for hypnotizing as life can be a whirlwind when I […]

Humbolt Broncos

In the A to Z Challenge schedule tomorrow is set for H and I’ll still get to that but I thought the coincidences were too strong to ingore. H is for Humbolt, a city in tears right now based on the loss of their Broncos in a car accident this week. And my chosen word […]