Apr 102018

In this post of the A to Z Challenge I pondered using many great words that start with the letter i as there are many of them – inspired, incredible, independence, interruptions and the list goes on but I thought Imagination Captured is perfect.

The name/ theme of my blog, Imagination Captured is my tag line as I always remember being creative in all I did. Watching Mr Dress-Up as a child I’d love following along with his crafts but taking them steps further and creating long after the show was over. I didn’t have much but then really didn’t need much as I could make something out of a few odds and ends as long as I had construction paper and some time. As a child time was something I had a lot of.

Mostly I’d spend my time after school wandering the woods behind my house by myself. My mother once told me I got lost as a very young girl and was found just sitting under a tree waiting for someone to come. I do remember often walking or even sitting and imagining the best poems but forgetting them as soon as the hustle of life interrupted. I finally learned to take a notebook with me to write them down but they never seemed to be quite as genius when I did.

Imagination Captured is just who I am as I love spinning a tale no matter the topic, hence my writing in all genres including children, poetry, non-fiction and fiction. This allows me the freedom I love to take advantage of and just enjoy the process of creating. I don’t have much time for construction paper and glue anymore but paper and pen or a laptop will do.

What have you most recently imagined?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Sending You Sammy, Life Imitated, I Saw the Forest and more!

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