Apr 132018

What’s a blog without literature? So of course I had to cover this for the L word in the A to Z Challenge but I did hesitate about the direction I would take. I was going to share a story with you, a fictional one I found in my treasure box but I want to be more personal with these posts and I can post a story anytime. Instead I’ll share what literature has meant to me and hope you can relate and share your own stories in the comments.

Literature has always been a part of my life. While I can’t recall which book I read first or choose one author as my all time favourite, being able to read and write meant I was able to live. I do remember reading the C. S. Lewis series most of us know and love (Chronicles of Narnia) when I couldn’t find anything else to read. Fortunately I grabbed it off my father’s bookshelf and was admittedly addicted. Unfortunately, he was missing the last book which was annoying but meant I could justify re-reading it later in life and I am so very glad I did. And I made sure to buy the collection in one book so I could share it with my son later.

Literature brings us together, either by sharing the love of a book or the dislike of one, or simply to meet up with other readers who love books and discussing them.

When in high school I loved being a Reading Tutor as I was able to encourage typical non-readers to find books they enjoyed reading. Now, many years later, I am part of a book club and it’s a part of each month I look forward to no matter what book they recommend we read. Being an author and an avid reader has connected me with so many other authors who I have come to adore, and with fans of my own work I have grown a bond with that cannot be replaced.

This all to say that literature goes far beyond the pages of a favourite book.

What is your favourite book and who is your favourite author? Tell me how you fell in love with literature.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Arm Farm, Brain Tales and Blood Day

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