Apr 082018

In the A to Z Challenge schedule tomorrow is set for H and I’ll still get to that but I thought the coincidences were too strong to ingore.

H is for Humbolt, a city in tears right now based on the loss of their Broncos in a car accident this week.

And my chosen word to write about from my monthly writers group is emotional. And now, H is really for today but, to ensure the month of April is complete we have Sunday’s off.

But I had a moment, we all need a moment, we’re all breathing in the horror and tragedy of one accident throughout our nation and beyond.

With my son in love with hockey and just 10 years from likely being on one of these buses going to his own game, recently wearing a green jersey for his team it all becomes too real. No one is to blame as far as I know, things like this just happen and make us humble and honoured to have known such talent in our lives. I heard this morning that one of the deceased was a piano player, too, and his talents on the keys matched or possibly surpassed that of when he was on the ice.

Hug your loved ones extra long today and every day you can.

Humbolt Broncos, like the basketball team from Bathurst, NB (Boys in Red) will forever be remembered.


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