Y is for Yesterday

I was going to write Y  is for You as without you, while I would still write, life wouldn’t be the same. You, dear reader, keep me on track, motivated and aiming to please with my writing. You are the reason I publish and not just write, you are the reason I hire cover artists […]

X is for... Xenophilia

X is for… Xenophilia

I thought it was impossible to find a relevant word for today’s A to Z Challenge but I found it and it’s a great one, once you know what it means, just don’t ask me how to pronounce it. 🙂 Xenophilia means an affection for unknown/foreign objects or people. People have always fascinated me and […]

W is for Willpower

W is for Willpower

Having willpower is vital in the long term writing game. I used to check my sales daily, being discouraged when the graph showed absolutely no movement – even when I offered a book for free. In this A to Z Challenge post I’m covering this very important topic with respect to dreaming big! While deciding […]

U is for the Ups and Downs of Working for Yourself

U is for the Ups and Downs of Working for Yourself

Deciding to work for yourself takes a lot of guts and requires one to just take the leap or, responsibly, weigh the ups and downs of taking the plunge. In this A to Z Challenge I’ll go through some of the ups and downs I’ve personally considered during my life. A definite up would be […]

T is for... Tenacity

T is for… Tenacity

Writing is a long term goal, one that takes a lot of focus and tenacity to see through. Rewards are not fast or abundant and are often masked in more work but they should all be celebrated. I took on the word “Tenacity” for this A to Z Challenge post. Lately I’ve been getting a […]


One thing I know for certain is that nothing is ever perfect yet, in the same sense, everything is perfect. One of those oxymoron’s we can all appreciate, depending on our mood. Because a glass is half full, half empty and both all at once. In this A to Z Challenge post I thought about […]

Persistence and Priorities

As a writer I love to write, it’s just that simple and yet it’s so very complicated. Knowing what I love to do and finding the time and energy at the end of the day to do it is a whole different story. One, if I had the focus, I could write a book about. […]