Jan 262024
School Visits Are The Best!

As an introvert, being at home reading and writing is my habit, so being invited to present and speak about my writing is equally thrilling and nerve-wracking. Until I take the stage. Once I get in front of the crowd and start, it seems like another side of me takes precedence and shines! It has […]

Dec 012023
A Christmas/ Holiday Giveaway

Oftentimes, my son makes me super proud and, with his idea to celebrate 12 days of Christmas with a Canadian book giveaway is one of those very moments. As a YouTuber, reviewing books primarily by Canadian authors, he has gone above and beyond by aligning with Digitally Lit to offer a holiday giveaway of books […]

Oct 302023
The East Coast Gambler / Canadian Creative Writers Contest

For the inaugural Canadian Creative Writers Edgar Allan Poe Contest I came in third place with this submission: The East Coast Gambler The raven looked down on the detective as the detective looked back. Both summoned to the room in the House of Usher moments before its fall. Detective Roberts shook himself out of his […]

Aug 222023
How Does One Become a Professional Writer?

Looking now beyond the measure of success that seems we all struggle with, the concept of giving ourselves a title of writer or author, and the hurdles we work to overcome to define who we are, there are more questions. Many more. With sixteen “books” (some are short stories, ebooks and some would argue not […]

Aug 092023
Call Me Hunter by Canadian author Jim Shockey

This novel, Call Me Hunter, is much more than a book. It’s an adventure mixed with doubts, tribulations and chaos from page one. The cover was what first intrigued me when I first requested a review copy from Simon and Schuster, then as daunting as the book seemed, after reading the first page, it haunted […]

Jul 222023
What I'm Learning From TP Wood

TP Wood is a new author and longtime reader and writer. He is someone I knew was special the first time I met him, I just didn’t quite absorb the importance, I still haven’t. TP Wood is a friend and fellow writer who is teaching me a lot of things about the confidence of being […]