Aug 142022
It Takes Two to Tamure

Memories on the Bounty by Janet Coulter Sanford is a special book for me for many reasons. One of which is that it was written by my grade eleven teacher who encouraged me to write. Second, because it’s a beautiful story of memories relived and the beautiful dance between friendship and history. This non-fiction story […]

Aug 012022
Yes, Yes and Yes to From Showing Off to Showing Up by Nancy Regan

From Showing Off to Showing Up: An Impostor’s Journey from Perfect to Present by Nancy Regan is not just a book – it’s an experience. And oh what an experience it was for me. If you have read my previous two most recent blog posts, you know this book poked holes, and wholes, into memories […]

Jul 292022

Still not yet a review, just a moment that I was inspired to share and show up for. There are many similarities I’m finding, within the stories in From Showing Off to Showing Up and this particular one brought back a situation I am not proud of. One, like Nancy’s, is a moment that ripped […]

Jul 272022

I heard so much of this book and the fabulous author that I had to get it. I wasn’t exactly sure it would be for me, however, as I naively never really saw myself as a show off or having the need to be a great public speaker. I was wrong. I hate and love […]

Jul 082022
The Power of Literacy

If you know me at all, it comes as no surprise that I love books, reading, writing and promoting them. I also have a son who goes by “Wild Willie” for his book review YouTube channel. Nova Scotia is also our home. So… volunteering for River John, Nova Scotia’s Read by the Sea Literary Festival […]

Jun 152022
Not As Special As You Said I Would Be

Growing up being consumed with the feeling of being special was both a blessing and a curse.  I was “the real child “, “the baby”, “the perfect one” yet I could do wrong and boy, was that wrong. I remember distinctly my brother telling me he predicted I would be beat up because I thought […]

Jun 012022
Deeper Diving Into My Thoughts

Yesterday I met with a dear friend who challenges me in all the right ways. Recently a different friend made the comment that I had limited beliefs and I was struck. The shock of her honesty and its truth surprised me because I so easily admitted to myself that it was true and continues to […]

May 302022
A Wee Bit Personal

I thought of the idea to write this, had it all planned out in my head and then hesitated. I wondered if anyone would feel the same or even bother reading it. After attending a writer’s group recently, after too many months of isolation, the consensus was that writing is personal. That you need to […]

May 252022
Five Stars for James Mullinger

Brit Happens: Or Living The Canadian Dream is much more than a story of a boy who found love and his home in Canada. This is a story of a dream, many risks and some obscure rewards. I loved this book, not because of being familiar with the names dropped throughout but because it is […]

May 022022
Canadian Children's Book Week

In celebration of Canadian Children’s Book Week, my son (AKA Wild Willie) is hosting a giveaway and you’re invited! For your chance to win a copy of Lawrence Hill’s new middle grade fiction novel Beatrice and Croc Harry. To enter please visit a Rafflecopter giveaway and take advantage of the options to have the chance […]