Sep 252020
Dirty Birds by Morgan Murray

What a story! Filled with loops and cliff hangers and the beloved art of poetry, sort of! Morgan, raised in Alberta and now settled in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia makes a splash with his first novel and a tale surrounded by poetry, music and romance plus some heart ache. This all pales in comparison to […]

Jun 282020
Jack Fitzgerald's Treasury of Newfoundland Stories

Published by Creative Book Publishing in Newfoundland, Canada, Fitzgerald dives deeply into the mysteries an mayhem of the province before it was a part of this country as well as after with his collection of stories in Treasury of Newfoundland Stories True Crime & Adventure Volume I. Mayhem described was caused both by people and […]

Jun 172020
Sleeping With the Elephants by Anne Louise O'Connell

Anne Louise O’Connell has seen the world and lived in some places a lot of us only dream of visiting and she then she wrote about it, actually, she wrote during it as well. O’Connell, a Canadian from Nova Scotia and now living back in Nova Scotia, spread her wings and abilities to live the […]

May 182020
Moments Of Joy

In all this turmoil, recognizing and highlighting moments of joy is more important than ever. Admittedly not being myself for the last two months, if not longer, I am diving into a book title “Write Yourself Happy” and dedicating at least 15 minutes a day to do just that. That may be easier for some […]

Feb 262020
My Secret Sister by Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith

My Secret Sister by Helen Edwards My rating: 4 of 5 stars Written by two woman who only discovered they were sisters late in life, this true story took me through heartbreaking moments of family abuse and fury mixed with a beautiful life we should all be lucky enough to have. Secrets were kept under […]

Feb 252020
The Beauty of Humanity Movment by Camilla Gibb

The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb My rating: 4 of 5 stars Read in celebration of I Read Canadian Day. Something about the stories Gibb tells and the way she tells them intrigues me. Not my usual book of choice, the power and intensity behind the plot and the brilliance of each character […]