Mar 222023
My Review of Pictou Town by Teresa MacKenzie and published by Pictou Bee Press!

Such an adorable book with magnificent artwork. The book itself is a well packaged, the story delightful and the artwork so true to life it brings you right to Pictou, Nova Scotia. A collection of historical buildings displayed in a colourful story / poem for young readers, the value goes beyond a love letter to […]

Mar 152023
Warrior Versus Victim Versus Survivor

I rarely re-read books, but The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard is proving to be an important, and timely, exception to that rule. Being in a dark place again, I was searching for something that could help lift me up and shine some light on me and this is slowly doing it. Reading a book […]

Mar 052023
I've Been Going Blogless

It doesn’t feel quite nearly as good as being braless, I and a lot of my friends would admit, in fact it’s kind of been a feeling of loss.It’s not that I don’t have the topics or time to write, it’s that I don’t know if I have the readers to bother. You see, and […]

Feb 252023
My Review of Shanti Fights for Her Rights by Marcia E Barss

Powerful. Insightful. Impactful. Three empowering words that describe this book which follows 14 year old Shanti in her village in India fighting for her right to be educated. In Nova Scotia, Canada, we all complain when a day of school is cancelled due to weather, not understanding the global picture of public schooling challenges. Following […]

Jan 042023
If You're Reading This... You Are Lucky

It’s 2023 and we’ve made it. Not all of us have been so lucky and not many of us feel the luck, having lost loved ones and experienced changes that weren’t so flattering to our objectives. But we are here and that is fortunate. For me, 2022 was a lot of lessons to be patient, […]

Dec 012022
Discounting Ourselves

With all the hype of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and yes, even Giving Tuesday, the word “discount” was used frequently and, for the most part, I liked it. I found some deals for Christmas gifts, ideas that sparked my own interests and more until I used it in a different way though almost just as […]

Nov 222022
Let Me Count Your Sneezes

Admittedly, I’m weird. Delightfully, while I’m always weird, I can delight people with strange observations at the sneakiest of times. Take the market for example. Selling books at a Farmer’s Market, Christmas Market, Jamieson’s General Store’s first Saturday market makes sense, especially this time around. It makes more sense when you fill the table with […]