Jul 262021

The Power of Song – 25 Years of Stanfest by Troy Greencorn was launched Saturday night in an epic way and I was invited. What an honour it was to be in the seats of the deCoste Performing Arts Centre alongside a dear friend and fellow writer to celebrate the book, music and people! A […]

Jun 232021
Losing It At 40 by Sarah Butland

Celebrate my launch of my first ever romance novel and download the book today and review it tomorrow. Pretty please! With icing on top! Losing It At 40: Being alone, a virgin and comfortable in her own skin, Annie, like a lot of us, dreads turning forty. Turning forty tends to mean more challenges physically, […]

Good Food, Bad Diet: The Habits You Need to Ditch Diet Culture, Lose Weight, and Fix Your Relationship with Food Forever by Abby Langer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I debated giving this book four stars but really, as I feel it’s 4.5 star worthy I rounded up (she is Canadian afterall).

My hesitation was that this book didn’t seem to give any direct instruction so, after reading it, I’m left wondering what to add to my grocery list. That being said, Langer addressed this exemption of a list because they tend to include a bizarre list of ingredients that don’t fit everyone’s tastes or budgets.

I do applaud this Canadian author for her brutal honesty and tell it like it is approach, including vulgarity that really makes you take a step back but then dive in.

This isn’t a diet book or a recipe book, the author doesn’t tell her readers what to do and what not to do save for adding foods you like to the list. It is a self help book that guides the reader to ignore the hype of fad diets, to love food and to boost their confidence in all choices – especially high value ones.

Upon reading a couple of pages I knew a few friends this book could be for, to help them let go of their obsession, their guilt and welcome who they are and how they treat themselves. It’s how I’ve been treating myself, too and, after this book, I’m over it. I will focus on increasing the value of myself and, in doing so, the sustenance I choose without the excuses of needing it in the house for others.

Highly recommend if you can stomach the brutal truths and I think you can!

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Mar 222021


Jan 252021

The Sky Blues by Robbie Couch My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book should be a mandatory read for anyone preparing for or going through high school. Not knowing what to expect I was grabbed immediately by the first shower seen and it kept a stranglehold on me all the way through. While it […]

Dec 152020

Let me start off by saying that I am almost always a rule follower, to the point where it’s boring and prudish but I have also been taking all of the punishments meant for those who break the rules. And it’s a miserable life to lead. Not necessarily live because lately, do you really feel […]