Jan 162019

This year I planned to focus on writing. With my son now at school full time I have the hours to do what “sparks joy” in me in that is definitely writing. And then I started watching a Netflix show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and realized I needed to clear some space, literally […]

Dec 282018

The newest, yet to be released officially, book by Pierre C. Arseneault, an author living in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Not for the faint of heart, even though it ventures away from his more terrifying tales such as Oakwood Island and Sleepless Nights Poplar Falls takes us to the privacy of a bedroom that, we […]

Oct 182018

Contests, deadlines, topics to write about are all sparks of encouragement and inspiration, motivation to take on the challenge and write, especially when books aren’t selling like you plan. They can also be frustrating, charging a fee to enter and not hearing back or hearing back but with no feedback. It’s understandable, judges are busy […]