Oct 302023
The East Coast Gambler / Canadian Creative Writers Contest

For the inaugural Canadian Creative Writers Edgar Allan Poe Contest I came in third place with this submission: The East Coast Gambler The raven looked down on the detective as the detective looked back. Both summoned to the room in the House of Usher moments before its fall. Detective Roberts shook himself out of his […]

Aug 222023
How Does One Become a Professional Writer?

Looking now beyond the measure of success that seems we all struggle with, the concept of giving ourselves a title of writer or author, and the hurdles we work to overcome to define who we are, there are more questions. Many more. With sixteen “books” (some are short stories, ebooks and some would argue not […]

Aug 092023
Call Me Hunter by Canadian author Jim Shockey

This novel, Call Me Hunter, is much more than a book. It’s an adventure mixed with doubts, tribulations and chaos from page one. The cover was what first intrigued me when I first requested a review copy from Simon and Schuster, then as daunting as the book seemed, after reading the first page, it haunted […]

Jul 222023
What I'm Learning From TP Wood

TP Wood is a new author and longtime reader and writer. He is someone I knew was special the first time I met him, I just didn’t quite absorb the importance, I still haven’t. TP Wood is a friend and fellow writer who is teaching me a lot of things about the confidence of being […]

Jul 112023
Becoming Flawesome by  Kristina Mand-Lakhiani - co-founder of Mindvalley

Becoming Flawesome is much more than a self-help book. It is book that breaks life down into smaller thought-provoking, raw emotions that demand introspection of the reader. It is a collection of relative truths of Kristina Mand-Lakhiani which forced me, and I suspect will encourage all readers, to think, resolve and contemplate for longer than […]

Apr 152023
Find Your Magic

I was recently asked about my magic. What do I care about and how do I nurture that care. I truly couldn’t answer. I hesitated then admitted I needed time to think. Time of peace, of no nagging chores or expectations, of no obligations to worry about, yet no one has that. It’s not part […]

Mar 222023
My Review of Pictou Town by Teresa MacKenzie and published by Pictou Bee Press!

Such an adorable book with magnificent artwork. The book itself is a well packaged, the story delightful and the artwork so true to life it brings you right to Pictou, Nova Scotia. A collection of historical buildings displayed in a colourful story / poem for young readers, the value goes beyond a love letter to […]

Mar 152023
Warrior Versus Victim Versus Survivor

I rarely re-read books, but The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard is proving to be an important, and timely, exception to that rule. Being in a dark place again, I was searching for something that could help lift me up and shine some light on me and this is slowly doing it. Reading a book […]

Mar 052023
I've Been Going Blogless

It doesn’t feel quite nearly as good as being braless, I and a lot of my friends would admit, in fact it’s kind of been a feeling of loss.It’s not that I don’t have the topics or time to write, it’s that I don’t know if I have the readers to bother. You see, and […]