Oct 282014

SharePlanes crash and yet we continue to purchase tickets to fly on them. Cars collide but we ride the roads daily. We stub our after getting out of bed yet we keep walking. If we said no to every possible risk we wouldn’t progress and instead would lay in bed wondering about all the possibilities. […]

Oct 202014
Meet Jeff Gunhus - Author of Jack Templar

Share Tour Schedule Jack Templar and the Lord of the Werewolves Fresh from confronting the Lord of the Vampires in the limestone catacombs beneath Paris, Jack Templar faces his toughest challenge yet as he searches for the next Jerusalem Stone, this one being held by the Lord of the Werewolves. But the narrow escape from […]

Oct 122014
Gaining Momentum with CrowdFunding

ShareAn author recently asked what crowdfunding was and I was happy to answer – an opportunity for a business, be it an author, mechanic, inventor, etc, to gain momentum financially to ensure they can follow their dream. IndieGogo is a popular one but Pubslush was designed specifically with authors in mind to ensure they had […]

Sep 212014

ShareFailing Upwards: Discover the importance of failure on your way to success (How To Find Success Through Failure) reveals a concept that explains why failing is necessary for progress. Though understood in theory, most of us fear the idea of failing the first time we try and so hesitate or simply never try. This book […]

Sep 072014
Being Grateful, Being Thankful Has Launched!

ShareIt’s official, Being Grateful, Being Thankful:: Appreciate Everything to Be Happy For Even The Rain Brings Rainbows is available for download and being very well received. Two amazing 5 Star Reviews have been posted with promise of more to come. When it comes to social networking, a status update can change a day – if […]

Sep 012014
Are You Being Grateful?

ShareBeing Grateful, Being Thankful is my new book available for pre-order now on Amazon and due to launch on September 7, 2014. An inspirational book, this will give you many ways you can change your form of thinking to welcome more happiness and amazing things in your life. In celebration I’m giving things away, including […]

Aug 192014
Want to win $229? Enter Today!

ShareIf you know me at all you know I love contests, especially when I win them, and I’m sure you do to. In my searches I found this gem and, being a major supporter of anything literacy, I wanted to invite you to participate, too.  And then, if you win, please think of me and […]

Jul 252014
When It Comes to Authors, I'm Still Shocked

ShareSheree Fitch is a well known author, at least I thought.  She is hilarious, has some best selling books, is local to Nova Scotia and  this weekend neighbours were still asking – who is Sheree Fitch? There is Hope While attending a book signing of hers last year through the Writer in Residence Program of […]

Jul 212014
Love You Like Suicide by Jo Treggiari

ShareStriking, brutally honest and a heart breaking tale of life in the fast lane. Speed, alcohol and careless mistakes fill a life with adventure and risk but they are not all without consequence. Love You Like Suicide (Fierce Shorts), written by Jo Treggiari, is a short story in the Becoming Fierce collection and describes the […]