Apr 142014

Share1. You’ve created a range of fascinating characters. Tell us about some of them, and how they came to be.  BananaBoy, the superhero in my children’s book, Sending You Sammy, is definitely my most interesting character with respect to how he was born. While working at a contact centre I was colouring a picture of [...]

Apr 132014
The Prayer by Stephan J Myers

ShareChristmas classics are filled with light, magic and hope and this book should be among the greats. Though short, this beautiful poem complete with pictures, immediately had me reflecting on past Christmas’ and the less fortunate I knew. A simple yet effective poem which brings the reader back to the magic of their present filled [...]

Apr 042014
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

ShareA friend told me she was reading this novel and suggested I read it. My interest immediately peeked and I was excited to get it for Christmas. Not knowing what to expect, I hesitated but once I started I couldn’t stop. The adventure of young Jack, remembering his childhood in such a strange manner, had [...]

Apr 032014
How to Be Disciplined by Stephen Ecker

ShareWe all struggle with will power and self discipline but Stephen writes in a concise an effective manner to help even the most frazzled person. A quick and easy read, this contains gems that immediately had me self reflecting and realizing how even little takes can make huge improvements in a life. With so many [...]

Mar 282014
Shadows and Secrets

ShareSusan Finlay guest posts today to share her news about her own book launch. Available for free today so go download it quick! In the Shadows (The Outsiders) In the new mystery series the Outsiders, shadows and secrets plague Reynier, France, a small village riddled with caves and troglodyte cave dwellings. In the first book, [...]

Mar 242014
I Drowned in "Whale Song" by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

ShareThis story completely captured me from beginning to end. Like a drowning victim who can’t catch their breath, the fast paced story of Sarah Richardson discovering who she is during every day life was spell-binding and life consuming. Canadian author, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, stuns me with her character driven stories each time I pick one [...]