Aug 082015
Blood Day the Novella!

ShareAfter many grueling years I have successfully completed the story of Veronica as introduced in Blood Day: The Short Story. When this story won the Writers Federation of New Brunswick Award in 2011 I was thrilled and honoured, and as equally satisfied with the story. But others wanted more… Being more fantasy than I’m used […]

Jun 122015

ShareABOUT CHELLE RAMSEY: An original Georgia Peach, Chelle Ramsey is the author of five published and several waiting- on-the-shelf contemporary fiction books, with a focus on women’s fiction. Many of her stories are based in her birthplace of Atlanta or her husband’s hometown of Cincinnati, where readers can relate to local hot spots and events. […]

May 212015

ShareMemories bubbling like a rolling river, babbling along its way. Changing course, moving stones, its power has its sway. There stands a tree with strength and height casting shadows changing lives and providing hope. The tree is home amongst the water, grounded within its grasp. With roots deep down, forced through rocky ground its branches […]

Apr 152015
A Herd of Dogs Teach Many Things

ShareA stellar tail… er… tale of forgiveness and acceptance wrapped in a mystery and the love of dogs. Let me ask you… Have you ever felt insecure growing up? Avoiding potentially great friendships because of how it might look to others? Then learn how foolish all the worry and avoidance really is? A delightful read […]

Jan 232015
Fleur Lives – In Everyone Who Has Met Her

ShareAlready when you search for Fleur Mainville on Google the top links show she died and this frustrates me to no end. If anyone lived at all it was Fleur and so I want to remember her life. Her ability to light up a room (cliché but true), to sparkle when talking about her husband, […]

Jan 042015

ShareAs a parent I immediately got into the habit of teaching my son to dream and be the best he can be. To try new things and have fun with everything he does because I was always one to stress and play it safe (still do). Wanting to give my son everything he needs to […]

Oct 282014

SharePlanes crash and yet we continue to purchase tickets to fly on them. Cars collide but we ride the roads daily. We stub our after getting out of bed yet we keep walking. If we said no to every possible risk we wouldn’t progress and instead would lay in bed wondering about all the possibilities. […]