Jan 172016

Everyone needs to start over at some point in their life, some do so unwillingly and others with commitment. Jamie, the main human character in Touch of Gold, balanced both as she moved to a new community in Nova Scotia when her parents divorced. As a shy girl, Jamie struggled to find new friends at […]

Dec 302015

As 2015 comes to a close I feel the need to reflect on what has happened, what I have accomplished and the things that stood out for me. As a writer, I want to edit out all the bad things that have happened to strengthen the positive aspects of 2015 but I can’t. The year […]

Nov 272015
Getting Into the Mind of an Evil Character by Rebecca Graf

When you are writing a fiction story, there are many different characters you might encounter. You meet them and get to know them. Some you fall in love with. Then there are those you wonder how you will ever write. They are so evil! But you have to get into their minds. It’s a ride, […]

Oct 152015

Everything does happen for a reason and at just the right time, even if it’s difficult to always understand. This coaching hosted by Spiritually Aware Parent Christina Fletcher was no exception. There were delays, scheduling conflicts and other not so friendly reasons this session only happened today but today was the opportune time for it, […]

Oct 052015
Who Was Your Favourite Teacher?

When deciding to home school our son, one of my biggest concerns was that he wouldn’t have a “favourite teacher” like I remember having. That one, or maybe two, teacher who impacted your life in a way you’ll never forget. I had four; two from grade three, a substitute and the regular teacher, who both […]