Family, Friends, Idols and New Idols – all in one night!

Last night was one of firsts for me and I loved every minute of it. At the last minute I was encouraged to enter the WFNB – Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick Children’s Literature Contest which was targeted toward teenagers. Only a few weeks before the deadline I challenged myself to see what I could […]

It Started With a Book

It Started With a Book

Reading, writing, and encouraging others to do both have always been passions of mine so I was thrilled yesterday when it all came together beautifully once again. For Christmas I unwrapped a novel from an author I never heard of before – Erica Spindler. Apparently my parents have been reading her work for years and […]

Another Photo Contest with William

Another Photo Contest with William

If you know me at all you know how important the health of my son and everyone’s child is and thus I bring William to a local children’s gym called My Gym – which, by the way is a palindrome and very clever when you think of a child asking to go to “My Gym“. […]

Jamie Oliver is Helping Americans, BananaBoy is Helping Canadians

BananaBoy is making a difference in Canada and you can help! I have recently created a petition for you to sign in support of bringing more healthy foods to our schools, just like Jamie is doing for the school’s in the United States. The support for Jamie Oliver’s newest petition to remove flavoured milks from […]

Second Wind Publishing Had a Contest and I Won 2nd Prize!!

Second Wind Publishing and J. Conrad Guest held a contest involving writing a letter to your 8 year old self and I was just informed I won 2nd prize and an autographed copy of One Hot January! Read my entry below: Sarah Butland March 24, 2011 at 11:04 pm My oh so curious and innocent […]

So Absolutely Thrilled I’m Shaking!!!

The Law of Attraction worked wonderfully! When I heard that Live! With  Regis and Kelly was coming to a neighbouring province of Prince Edward Island I knew I’d be on the show, I just didn’t know how. I wrote them about The Adventures Of Sammy, I sent them a copy of Sending You Sammy and […]

I Am Attracting You and Your Vote Via Law Of Attraction

My son William has been gaining popularity steadily and is making me more proud every day. I have a lot of continuing supporters and new ones coming on board each and every day but the competition has amped up. Babies are making appearances quickly and are threatening to take the lead but we won’t let […]