Jul 052010

The Law of Attraction worked wonderfully! When I heard that Live! With  Regis and Kelly was coming to a neighbouring province of Prince Edward Island I knew I’d be on the show, I just didn’t know how.

I wrote them about The Adventures Of Sammy, I sent them a copy of Sending You Sammy and I requested tickets just like 12 000 people did. I eagerly awaited the news and was thrilled to receive it today – 2 tickets for the live taping of Live! With Regis and Kelly in PEI!!!!!!

What I’m Wearing

In true Adventures Of Sammy/ BananaBoy fashion I found my outfit and, although I wouldn’t ordinarily blog about what I’m wearing I want you to keep an eye out for me so I will now.

I have found brown and bright yellow checkered shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt! I couldn’t pass it up as the perfect ensemble for my efforts in trying to get the attention of Regis and Kelly. I’m still making every effort possible to talk about Sending You Sammy on the show and I think my yellow attire will stand out among the crowd (if you’re going please don’t wear yellow – or do, complete with a large pin, in support of BananaBoy).

It’s Outside and Live!

My husband just came home to announce that the taping of Live! With Regis and Kelly is outside. I had to laugh as I knew that and thought he did, too. When he mentioned I never said a word I said I clearly remember telling him it was on the Confederation Landing in Prince Edward Island – the connection wasn’t made, to my dismay.

He’s now nervous that the weather will not cooperate (either it will rain or we’ll be covered in mosquito bites) but I know that everything will be perfect thanks to the Law of Attraction.

Live! With Regis and Kelly’s Guests for Monday July 12, 2010

I recently learned that the country music stars Lady Antebellum will be guests on Monday’s show along with Peter Facinelli most recently from the famous Twilight series. But, I just found out and know my husband will be thrilled too, he was a star of the Fastlane television series which is one of my husband’s favourite shows! I can’t wait to tell him.

Make sure you’re watching on Monday July 12th and see if you can Find Sarah!

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  1. Awesome! have fun!

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