Spiritually Aware Parenting Coaching Session

Everything does happen for a reason and at just the right time, even if it’s difficult to always understand. This coaching hosted by Spiritually Aware Parent Christina Fletcher was no exception. There were delays, scheduling conflicts and other not so friendly reasons this session only happened today but today was the opportune time for it, […]

Jack Canfield is Making Differences

May 26th was a momentous day in the lives of many Moncton locals as we were in the presence of Jack Canfield, best-selling author and motivational speaker. I’ve been to these things before and walked away inspired but it wasn’t until this day I walked away knowing some steps to take and the direction I’d […]

So Absolutely Thrilled I’m Shaking!!!

The Law of Attraction worked wonderfully! When I heard that Live! With  Regis and Kelly was coming to a neighbouring province of Prince Edward Island I knew I’d be on the show, I just didn’t know how. I wrote them about The Adventures Of Sammy, I sent them a copy of Sending You Sammy and […]

Baby Boy Butland and the LOA

Giving birth to my first child was a daunting experience even though I made every effort to remain positive throughout the entire pregnancy. I put forth the best of intentions to have everything go smoothly – concentrating on the date of birth and how long the delivery would take. I was surprised by the outcome […]