May 162011

A typical biography is boring and makes for a dull read. I attended a workshop recently where we were asked to write our own short biography but to jazz it up, make it something people want to read and so I did.

I started writing it as I would want my obituary to read, in fact, and at only 28 years old currently the realization of what I was doing sobered me and had me end the piece more abruptly than what I’ve become accustomed to. So… without further delay… here is Sarah Butland.

Sarah never coloured inside the lines, even as a child she new crossing the line got her further than staying in the world created for her. Only the walls of the earth, the law of gravity, of attraction and the time to accomplish her objectives could stop her and sometimes not even then.

A baby to her first family, then a wife and finally a mother, Sarah offered a world of humour, sarcasm, positivity and reality like she meant and enjoyed every bit of it.

If Sarah’s like was written down it wouldn’t be contained in one book but a whole series. Each story she penned herself would only be the preface.

Sarah never really knew who she wanted to be as somehow she knew who she was and spent most of her time simply accepting that. She never forgot being told her parents expected a boy when she was born and spent the rest of her days trying to continue being unexpected. Sarah often failed, people predicting what, in general, she was up to but she had an amazing time trying.

A daughter, a sister, friend, wife, mother; Sarah never could hide the fact that she was a writer and herself.

Family time meant more to Sarah than any paycheque, expensive trip or solo adventure. No matter where she is now trust that she is where she needs to be.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  2 Responses to “Finally I Am Me”

  1. wonderful sarah……. Had a Deja vu reading this, any woman can relate to it immediately….Good insight on yourself…well done and thanks for sharing

  2. Great job you seem to know yourself very well. Not everyone can say that.

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