Nov 012010

That’s right. After a few years, many editors and grueling hours not to mention much anticipation Arm Farm has been uploaded and a proof is due any day now. This is all thanks to my husband for staying up all hours of the night last night and getting to work early this morning to accomplish the amazing task.


“The text books discourage wild flights of imagination, but those in the field embrace them.”

Captivating and intriguing – from the title until we discover the identity of the unknown subject. Is an arm farm a place to grow arms, and is this about medical science and amputees and replacement surgery? Within five paragraphs we learn that it is not about growing arms and surgery, but a journey of both factual and person knowledge.

Natalie walks through the field of forensics with the intent of discovering who did her parents wrong. Natalie is on her way to becoming s success but finds herself dwelling on her past. Will what happened to her so long ago ruin her chance at having her own life? Or will she overcome what has been happening to be able to let go of it? It’s a long road for this young girl but she chose the path through the Arm Farm, just not with all the repercussions.

If you’re in the Greater Moncton Area and looking to ensure you have one of the first copies please comment below or email me and I’ll send payment instructions. Make sure you get your copy before Christmas as an autographed book always makes for the perfect present!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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