May 052011

Reading, writing, and encouraging others to do both have always been passions of mine so I was thrilled yesterday when it all came together beautifully once again.

For Christmas I unwrapped a novel from an author I never heard of before – Erica Spindler. Apparently my parents have been reading her work for years and new I would love to as well. They were right! Bone Cold was the title, one of best-selling author Spindler’s older stories but wow… it completely amazed me that I never read any of her novels before. I knew then that I was hooked.

Immediately I jumped online to write a quick review of this book, as I do for almost every one I read, I then tweeted and shared my review on Facebook and there it began.  Soon after posting this I received a message and a follow from Erica Spindler herself! Although I blogged about this earlier there’s now more.

I’m officially part of Spindler’s new Street Team. What’s a “Street Team” you ask? For me it comes with the opportunity to read more of her amazing novels, tell you all about them and share prizes with other fans AND, maybe most importantly for me, to learn from an amazing novelist about what success, marketing, generating a buzz and being a full time – fiction – writer is all about. Not to mention being noticed by such an idol!

So that’s my news and I’ll share more with you about the journey I’ll be taking very soon so don’t forget to follow me by clicking the option on the left.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: If you haven’t yet heard of Erica Spinder and LOVE a good mystery check out her site and books. She’s always having contests to win amazing prizes so be sure to sign up for her contests.

Erica Spindler’s Collection

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  1. How fun! Guess there’s no better way to get your feet wet eh?

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