Nov 102010

November 27th is going to be a momentous day for me and I’m spending my days preparing to make it the best book launch I’ve had yet.

Researching other book launches has thus far been unappealing. Bookmark giveaways are great if people are there, food being served will entice the hungry and newspapers have been contacted for announcement. I have my book set at a special price and have been telling everyone I can but I did all of this before.

I’m looking for something original, something that will make me stand out and I know that you can suggest something magical so here’s your opportunity.

  3 Responses to “Arm Farm Book Launch”

  1. Your book is about a student who is studying forensics, why not have a crime scene set up for people to walk through. Have everyone guess the cause of death, and draw from those with the right answer and have a prize pack of your autographed works. Just a thought.

    • Karen;

      I thought of the giveaway but realize that people tend not to buy what they have the chance to win.

      The other idea is good and I think I’ll feel things out when the time comes as I may just put up the “Caution” tape to bring special attention to the store.

      Appreciate the suggestions,


  2. Hi Sarah

    I love Karen’s idea, going with the theme of your book.

    I read about your launch in the Cover to Cover newsletter, but i wonder, what is this new book about? (other than what Karen mentioned about, i can’t seem to find a write up about it).

    I apologize if run in and out as I’ll be going on my “lunch break” but really look forward to meeting you at the launch and getting a copy of your book signed.



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