Making Connections

Life isn’t always easy, filled with parties and great friends. Sometimes it means sitting alone and pondering your existence and that’s ok, too. A lot of people I talk to have been wondering where all the good friends have gone lately. A childhood friend staying connected through social media but never really sharing their life […]

How Did I Do It?

The other day I was asked the question “how did I do it?” in relation to becoming a successful writer and it made me pause. I modestly said “it just happened” but, much like overnight successes, it never just happens and my journey has been a trying one. Trying because I was impatient, persistent and […]

Balancing Acts

With dreams coming true and opportunities being presented, and I have recently decided to just say yes to it all. As scary as some projects can be, the lights are shining down on the path before me to help me gain the confidence to know I’m right where I need to be. There are still […]

A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home

Pictou County has a magical way of pulling people back. Despite the talk of the Pulp Mill, being low on the list of happiest places to live and the other negative things seen in the news, this place just has something that pulls people back. Steven Bowers was someone who recently felt that pull and […]

Poplar Falls The Death of Charlie Baker

The newest, yet to be released officially, book by Pierre C. Arseneault, an author living in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Not for the faint of heart, even though it ventures away from his more terrifying tales such as Oakwood Island and Sleepless Nights Poplar Falls takes us to the privacy of a bedroom that, we […]

Mary Knew by Irene Baron

Mary Knew by Irene Baron

Here’s a guest post to get us all in the Christmas spirit. Mary Knew A Biography of Mary From Ancient Scriptures   WHY SHOULD PEOPLE READ THIS BOOK? ┬áMost people have no idea how perfect and holy Mary was. She was named by God, consecrated to be holy and ordained to be the mother of […]

Another Publication

Contests, deadlines, topics to write about are all sparks of encouragement and inspiration, motivation to take on the challenge and write, especially when books aren’t selling like you plan. They can also be frustrating, charging a fee to enter and not hearing back or hearing back but with no feedback. It’s understandable, judges are busy […]