Sarah Butland

New Tricks by Kelly Moran

A mix of heart break, anticipation and racy bedroom scenes to keep the heart pumping and the blood boiling. Zoe and Drake have been through enough. While they are successful in making an income through their love of animals, Zoe being a groomer working out of Drake’s vet clinic, everything else seems to have been […]

Let's Celebrate With a Cover Reveal!

Let’s Celebrate With a Cover Reveal!

If you’ve joined me before you already know I’m a fan of sharing in the success of authors as the world needs more helping hands and literacy! Today I invite you to share in D.H. Gibbs, an author from Trinidad and Tobago, as she reveals the cover for her newest book – A Touch of […]

I Want to Write, Not Speak

Despite some opinions of those I live with, talking really isn’t my thing. When I do talk I want to talk about the meaning of life and happiness, what makes someone’s heart beat a bit faster and the like – big talk, as mentioned in a previous post. Otherwise, I want to write. Writing is […]

From Ant to Eagle by Alex Lyttle

An 11 year old boy trying to find his way without his pesky little brother getting in his way or slowing him down comes to regret his actions. While he tries to encourage his brother through the idea of levels in life, Cal gets a lot more than he’s ever bargained for. Sammy is unlucky […]

Are You Busy?

Often times people complain they are busy – I admit to saying it way too often myself – because really we all have 24 hours in a day and some people truly make the most of it. Being busy is simply a matter of perspective and priorities and people prove it all the time. Yes, […]

Meet Mystery Author Linda Berry

Meet Mystery Author Linda Berry

What I love about Linda is her willingness to connect with and support other authors from around the world! While finding the time to write her own haunting stories, she also ensures others know of new opportunities and ways to promote their own stories! Authors like that are definitely friends of mine! Please read on […]

Cooking with Dennis the Prescott

Cooking with Dennis the Prescott

Full disclosure: I know and love Dennis’s wife and bought this book based on that and the fantastic story of discovery how Eat Delicious came to be. So when it was on sale and available for pre-order I didn’t hesitate and am so glad, along with my family, that I did. Flipping through the book […]