Jun 062017

Often times people complain they are busy – I admit to saying it way too often myself – because really we all have 24 hours in a day and some people truly make the most of it.

Being busy is simply a matter of perspective and priorities and people prove it all the time. Yes, we always have stuff going on and fill our day with complaining, cleaning, watching tv but if you think about it, can’t all of those things wait?

Sure they can! You are what is important and as the concerns of mental health rise so does it seem our lack of time for ourselves. Time to enjoy nature, to enjoy who we are and breathe on a regular basis. But all it takes for some of us is to look around and recognize that other people are thriving in that same 24 hours of a day that we have.

Sheree Fitch comes to mind for me. As an author, a traveler, a mother, a teacher – she is a woman who does so much and smiles through it all because it’s all related to who she is. That’s not to say she doesn’t have bad days but that her great ones are what define her.

And with all of these aspects in her life she still manages to continue to build her dream and live life to its fullest with her newest project – Mable Murple’s Book Shoppe & Dreamery opening less than a month from today!

As a Canadian author and somewhat neighbour of mine, Fitch is creating such a world where children can wonder, breathe and embrace and in doing so motivates me to ensure I can start living more of my own dream!

What is your dream and how are you making time to live it?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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