Mar 082018

There are a lot of reasons I am writing this post today – women are awesome (though men are, too), I have a few very influential women in my life, women have a voice beyond the victimized version we hear of most, and I, as a woman, have the freedom to share and be a part of a wonderful community.

When a local radio station asked about the most influential women in my life I hesitated, not because I don’t have any but more so because I wondered if not naming my own mother first was wrong. It’s not that she’s not strong or hard working, she was a mother to countless of foster kids who needed her most and that is a whole other level of patience and reaching out to celebrate, but because we are following different paths. My path has me writing, having the dream of being an author and surrounded by friends who want to delve deep into their emotional states and hug and cry. She did a service to the community by sacrificing all that she had for those who had less and that definitely made an impact to far more people than me.

Then I thought of Fleur Mainville, who I didn’t know very long but who had a tremendous impact in my life, and still does even in her absence. You see, this was a lady who suffered from the greatest of tragedy’s as she was diagnosed so young with a rare form of cancer but didn’t let it stop her. Almost the opposite in my perspective as she strove for greatness and, in many opinions, reached it continuously with everything she did. And she never sacrificed who she was, not even once, or used her sickness as a crutch to slow her down. She was a Big Sister, adopted two kids, played fiddle like you wouldn’t believe and sand with the most beautiful voice yet was still so humble and down to earth. She was such a wonderful woman.

And then there’s Jenn Carson. An acquaintance in high school, not friends as we simply didn’t connect often then, who has become one, if not the greatest, friend I have. As a single mother of two, she is much more than her past should make her – now an author, a poet, a painter, a sewer, making a living through a dream career and connecting to so many. I can go on and on about this ladies impact and support but I’ll summarize it with this – we all need a friend like Jenn in our lives. And she is not afraid of starting over when she needs it most or traveling distances to follow her heart.

Tracy Nickerson has always supported my writing and consistently reviews and awaits my next book and I haven’t even met her in person. Following her dreams through crochet, homeschooling her three children and often working outside of the home I can only hope I can do half of what she does and stay so friendly! She seems to always be the first to comment on my Facebook posts, too! Please visit her at her Tiny Treasures page and like it today!

There were also teachers who I met through school who taught me about life outside of the classroom. Heather Arbuckle, Colleen Sim, Mrs Smith, all seeing me for who I was while supporting and encouraging my larger than life dreams.

Professionally authors like Jodi Picoult for her magnificent stories and characters, Erica Spindler for being so approachable to her fans (see my interview with her here), Beth Powning and Camilla Gibbs for their wonderful books and Sheree Fitch for who she is and what she continues to strive to be (author, poet, bookstore owner, friend and teacher).

For these women I am very thankful and am a bit more confident in my own life because of the roles each of them played or continue to play in mine. So I want to ask you the question now- what defines and amazing woman and who, in your life, fits that description?

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Sarah Butland
author of Cherish Your Treasures, Being Grateful Being Thankful and more!

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