Apr 072016

I’m torn about a topic that is popular among artists of all kinds. The urge to do what you love as much as you can while receiving the credit you deserve while doing so.

I get it!

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to snake your pipes and because that makes him happy you don’t expect to pay him (or her). And if one does it for a friend for free, why would you be expected to pay for a different one when you can rely on someone else who is just passionate enough to do it for the love of it. And this goes for everything -a construction worker wouldn’t be expected to build your dream home just for the love of it, a dentist wouldn’t fix your teeth because it’s their dream to do dental work, and so on.

Yet people do continue to ask painters to pass on a piece they love so they can display it in their home with the promise to send admirers who will pay their way. Photographers are asked to take a picture of a family or to give their picture to someone to use for their own purposes with the promise of a credit. And writers are asked to make appearances, give tips and inspiration to aspiring writers by people who cannot afford to pay.

I’m torn because I’m still one of those authors who says yes to most opportunities. Asking to be paid for an appearance still seems foreign to me as I love to do what I do and be recognized for it. Doing so sets the expectation that they won’t have to pay for another author to do the same work for them.

I Do Have Hope

People may think it’s silly but I do still have hope these opportunities will lead to wonderful connections and opportunities. Not everyone knows yet who I am or what I do so I say yes to these changes to do what I love and be who I am.

Bills need to be paid but I need to be me, really me, every chance I can. I know it irks others that I will do such things for free but without the publishing contracts and deadlines, or history of freelancing I want to start somewhere. Of course I’d much prefer to be paid for my time and expertise and am hopeful that’ll change for me soon.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading, and some of you for paying 😉

Sarah Butland

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