Apr 232018

Writing is a long term goal, one that takes a lot of focus and tenacity to see through. Rewards are not fast or abundant and are often masked in more work but they should all be celebrated. I took on the word “Tenacity” for this A to Z Challenge post.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of various writing requests and love it! Even though my time is limited and, I agree that everyone is busy, it’s challenging to balance it all, it’s worth it when I get to do what I love. Deadlines and new projects can make a person thrive and weed out the ones just doing it for a hobby for any creative endeavour. It’s the ones with heart and a firm grip on who they are and what they want to do who succeed.

Being determined is such an important factor in whatever anyone decides to do for a lifetime. As a writer I know it’s challenging when contests aren’t won, stories don’t flow and sales aren’t booming but those are just little annoyances. Life can’t always be easy and great things can’t happen without truly knowing what is great to you so it’s important to keep trying, putting yourself and your creative works out there and see what happens.

It helps tremendously when you have a group of people supporting you, letting you know how they connected to whatever piece you completed so please do surround yourself with dreamers and those who truly love you.
Be tenacious and take risks, the rewards will be fantastic.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Blood Day (the WFNB award winning short story written against all odds)

PS: Let me know what you are tenacious about in your own life!

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