Apr 242018

Deciding to work for yourself takes a lot of guts and requires one to just take the leap or, responsibly, weigh the ups and downs of taking the plunge. In this A to Z Challenge I’ll go through some of the ups and downs I’ve personally considered during my life.

A definite up would be to have more time for my own family, taking vacations when I best feel it necessary and working as much as I need or feel I’m worth. I do wonder how I would spend my time, if it would be spent wisely or just in celebration of feeling free time wise. Without the regular paycheque or benefits I do hope I’d be able to focus and dedicate myself enough to maintain a steady income.

Another up would be fulfilling my dream and having it all under my control. People often ask what defines success and, for me, it would be all about living through my lifelong passion. Since I could write that’s what I loved to do and I continually expressed my desire to be creative and support myself through that love of writing.

Hearing back from a fan about how they connected with a story, the people I meet through freelancing and the challenges I face and conquer are all such great motivators for continuing to write for myself.

Yes, there are many downs to working for yourself and putting that pressure on writing for income – we all know them and that’s why most of us continue to work for someone else. I would love for you to tell me your own personal ups and, if you took the leap, let me know how it went and how it felt!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful and more

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