Apr 202018

Being rejected is something we all feel at some point in our lives but it’s how we rebound that’s important. Whether it’s for something we say or something we like or don’t like, not everyone we meet is going to love and admire us – there will be critics, too, and harsh ones.

In honour of the A to Z Challenge today I’m speaking about rejections. So far, officially, I have been rejected for two of my ideas – one of which I was confident would be the perfect fit. I’ve pitched some articles I didn’t receive replies from but these were book ideas I had and hoped would be accepted but it’s not easy. Some would say it’s trying to fit the round peg into the square hole but it feels even worse than that, it almost feels like you’re blind folded, given a ball and asked to find the peg and the hole. You can spend weeks and months doing research and think “this is it” only to be told no.

The most important thing to remember is to never give up. Some of the world’s most well known authors and celebrities in general didn’t make the cut the first time they tried. Authors like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and athletes like Michael Jordon himself were counted out but they persevered and now are arguably the most well-known stars in their fields.

Being told no or hearing that you’re not liked is just the opinion of that person and doesn’t reflect back on you. Everyone can’t please everyone though it doesn’t stop any of us from trying. I personally feel it’s fuel to the fire burning inside, motivating me to find someone else who loves my work even more.

The right fit is out there for you, go find it!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Life Imitated and more!

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  1. It’s so true, that people’s opinions can be so discouraging. I think it’s worse with editors and publishers because they don’t feel obligated to encourage as well as criticize. But I don’t blame them for knowing what they are looking for. Your conclusion is right on. You, the writer should also know what you are looking for and keep on submitting work until you find that acceptance. It’s out there somewhere.

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