Apr 262018

Having willpower is vital in the long term writing game. I used to check my sales daily, being discouraged when the graph showed absolutely no movement – even when I offered a book for free. In this A to Z Challenge post I’m covering this very important topic with respect to dreaming big!

While deciding to do what you love is challenging, keeping with it can be even more of an obstacle. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is all about this idea that those who want it continue to go for it despite the brick walls they often see. Said brick walls can deter the best of us but these best, if they give up when facing even one of the many walls, don’t believe in themselves enough to keep going. It’s people like you and I who keep hitting our heads against these walls, wondering how to get through who eventually wear down each wall and succeed.

Succeeding at anything takes willpower as circumstances continually hurt the head and the heart, especially when we are so closely connected and invested in doing what we love. Being confident in being an author means not checking your sales rank constantly and just simply having faith that the time will come if you dedicate yourself, continually banging your head against whatever wall you’re facing today.

There are many things I give up easily, maybe too easily, but living through passion is something I’ll always be stubborn about and ensure I find the willpower to simply keep trying.

How strong is your will?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of I Saw the Forest, Life Imitated and more

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