Dough and Breadcrumbs

Graduate high school, go onto higher learning, get a job, fall in love, bring home the dough, raise a family, work hard until you can retire and collect pension and then enjoy your freedom from a schedule. Or, if you’re an athlete, change that up and make millions to play a game hen retire at a young age and wonder what else life has to offer.

The system is messed up.

If You’re A Fan of Robert Munsch You’ve Probably Heard…

It’s hard news to read but not necessarily surprising. Always clean cut, hilarious, inspirational, brilliant and kind it’s hard to imagine Robert Munsch, famous children’s book author, sad but he is human after all. With over 42 beloved children’s books published and a vast number of them on the bestsellers list Robert Munsch is to […]

When I’m on Oprah Will You be Watching?

Oprah had a dream and it came true. She dreamed of being an actress, she knew she’d be an actress, she gave all she had and did all she could until she became an actress and now she’s making our dreams come true. I have a dream and it’s coming true. When I published Sending […]

Today is Family Literacy Day

Literacy is important in our daily lives all year round but January 27th was named Family Literacy Day to highlight all the possible ways you can encourage reading or mathematics in your life and for those around you. For more information on today please visit its creators at: ABC Canada Whether you’re baking cookies, reading […]

Yann Martel is Brilliant – Sort Of

With response to Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s lack of support for literacy, Canadian authors, and the arts much has to be said about the creative ways people are bringing his attention to their importance. Today I learned of Canadian author, Yann Martel’s creative way of doing something and, although I love the idea I can’t […]

My Marketing Adventures, Thus Far

My Marketing Adventures, Thus Far

I’ve decided to keep a blog about my attempts (successes and failures) of marketing both Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One and welcome suggestions from any visitor who wants to assist. Press/ Media I was featured on Rogers First Local where my efforts at helping literacy and childhood obesity were seen by […]