Apr 082010

We’re often asked what we would do IF we had a million dollars. Reading this question today I felt obligated to tell you what I will do WHEN I have earned that amount of money. Yes, I said earned – not win, stumble upon, luck into, etc. The only way I feel I’ll do what’s right with the million dollars is if I earn it fair and square.

I’m a bit selfish in that I’m first going to build my husband the house that he’s always wanted – out of straw bales so it’s not going to cost that much. It’ll be one level with a massive garage, an indoor pool and a fenced in back yard for a few puppies to romp in. He’ll have his ping pong table and a pool table in his own “man’s” room, I’ll have a library for myself. He’ll have a lamborghini in the garage along with a motorcycle, an ATV and a snowmobile. He deserves all of this for supporting everything I do and continuously putting my son and me before himself.

The rest of the money I will reinvest in literacy and the health of children. Being able to financially support a charity with cause I believe in so much is something I look forward to doing. To get books to kids around the world, wait… to get GOOD books to kids around the world, to publish authors and promote those who deserve to be promoted will be something I will always do.

As a millionaire my wealth will continue because I will give most of it away to those who most deserve it, keeping only what’s needed to earn another million for myself.

When I have a million dollars…
I will be rich financially,
I’m already rich every other way 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: Of course I’ll let you know when the money arrives in my bank account!

  One Response to “WHEN I Have a Million Dollars”

  1. Thank you Sarah, for your post.
    “I’m already rich in every other way”
    I love it, and yes so many people think that success & wealth is only measured in Dollars. How wrong they are. Holistic success is what we all require and that is true success, in all area’s of out life.
    I see you are following Sean Rasmussen’s blog, and he is one of my mentors. You can not go wrong by following his Napoleon Hill”think and Grow Rich”.

    What we think about, is a direct result of what we get, and our Mindset is a major contributing fact to what we think about.

    Hey……Life Is Good…. with a great Mindset!!


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