Jan 142010

I am sick and tired of being reminded twice a week as to how our current government is allocating our tax money. About twice a week, every month or more, we receive unaddressed mail asking us to “vote” on which party in our country is doing a better job at __________ – every time it’s different. Normally the Conservative Party’s box is in much larger text than the others – is this because too great of the Canadian population cannot read?

Although these are printed in black and white the full sized papers too often only end up polluting our dumps and make our mailman come up our driveway only to deliver this garbage. We will vote when there’s a re-election which I wish was sooner than later. It’s ridiculous and discouraging to see what our tax money is paying for when so many dollars were taken away from crucial aspects of what makes Canada Canadian.

I’m an author struggling to spread the word of literacy and the solution to childhood obesity, meanwhile the Conservatives are conducting their own surveys asking the disturbing illiterate population which government is voicing the right platform.

Please let the government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Garry Breitkreuz, MP listen to their voters and make a difference instead of continually asking us if we think the other governments would. News to the Conservatives – you are currently in office, do something!

Thanks for reading,
Sarah Butland

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